Event Dates
08/10/2020, 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Virtual Training Series: Introduction to VFA.facility

When: Oct. 1, 8 and 15 [3 Part Series]

Presented by FCAPX

VFA is a powerful tool to manage deferred maintenance and capital asset renewal.  For those looking to be introduced or re-introduced to this tool, FCAPX will be hosting 3 virtual & interactive training sessions to familiarize users to the basics of the software.

Each 2-hour seminar will begin at 8:30am

  1.  Oct. 1 Introduction and Overview of VFA.facility
    • This session will focus on a first-principles overview and introduction to VFA.facility, including the structure of the data, terminology used within the platform and an overview of the general software functionality and usage. The goal of the session is for all attendees to gain a detailed basic knowledge of VFA.facility and its functionality.
  2.  Oct. 8 Keeping Data Up-to-Date
    • With a 5-Year Assessment cycle, it is critical that the facility data is kept up-to-date during the years between Facility Condition Assessments. We will review the step-by-step process for reconciling completed capital projects within VFA.facility including partial replacements, multi-year projects and more. Our goal is to demonstrate to the attendees the details of the process so they can decide if they wish to complete the task themselves, or if they would prefer to outsource it to FCAPX as part of our annual project work.
  3. Oct. 15 Leveraging the Data for Asset Management
    • Getting consistent and defensible data is the first step to an Integrated Asset Management journey. However, leveraging the data to tell your organization’s story is just as important as it will determine how you are prioritizing and selecting the specific projects you will tackle with your limited resources. This session will focus on using the data stored in VFA.facility more so than on how to use the software. Our goal is to provide ideas and tools that will help each College and University leverage their FCA data for enhanced Asset Management success

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