OCFMA has set up a secure workroom space on the Colleges Ontario’s BoardEffect portal called “OCFMA – Ontario College Facilities Management Association”. This workroom space:

  • Is a private meeting space open only to approved OCFMA members. Membership is controlled by the OCFMA Secretary.
  • Collects meeting minutes and agenda materials for Directors’ Meetings.
  • Stores key OCFMA reports (such as the Benchmarking Reports…) in the OCFMA Workroom.
    • These files can be found under Library > “Other Files”

To access the Colleges Ontario BoardEffect Portal:

    1. Go to: https://collegesystemportal.boardeffect.com
    2. Login using your BoardEffect account id and password.

To get a BoardEffect account for the Colleges Ontario Portal, please see “Become a Member” under the “Get Involved” menu item.